Yeshiva Elementary School from Scott Steele on Vimeo.

YES Grandparents!

On Friday, October 16th, Yeshiva Elementary School celebrated its first Grandparents’ Day.  It was intended to be a day full of nachas and pride for our distinguished guests of honor, YES Grandparents, and no one was let down.

During the planning stages, we felt that 25 grandparents would be considered a respectable turnout for a first time event.  To our pleasant surprise, close to 60 grandparents came...

Watch YES Grandparents' Day 2015 below!

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Create A
Jewish Legacy

The YES - Eitz Chaim Tree of Life Legacy Society is growing. During the past year alone our membership has expanded exponentially, with 36 new friends joining to perpetuate our sacred mission. We continue to encourage YES families and friends to remember our school in their estate plans.

For more than a year now, YES has participated...

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