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Recognizing the interconnectivity of the entire Milwaukee Jewish Community, Yeshiva Elementary School is proud to present YES Connections.

YES Connections is working to build bridges between the YES community and the greater Milwaukee Jewish Community. We are running and partnering on programs large and small throughout Milwaukee which bring together Jews who do not otherwise have an opportunity to interact. By focusing on our similarities and not our differences we are building a Jewish meta-community built on our shared Jewish ideals of personal growth and strong relationships.

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Wednesday, Feb 5 @ 7:45
Partners in Jewish Life

YES Connections in Israel

YES Connections, an arm of Yeshiva Elementary School, has a mission to build relationships between members of the entire Milwaukee Jewish Community. There is arguably no more effective way to build a relationship than to spend uninterrupted time together. Add to that the emotional and spiritually-charged atmosphere of Israel, and you are almost guaranteed a very special bond.

In that spirit, director Rabbi Hillel Brody and 6 “dads” from Milwaukee’s greater Jewish community joined the Momentum Men’s Trip to Israel from November 11-17. Momentum Men’s theme is #chooseawesome. Being awesome Momentum-style means to be the best person you can be, and the trip revolved around being a better dad, a better spouse and a better Jew.

The impact of the trip may be best expressed through a brief snapshot. On every trip there are some guys who have never celebrated their bar mitzvah, many of whom may feel like they have never taken their formal place in the Jewish community. Towards the end of the trip, Momentum holds a bar mitzvah celebration on top of Masada. It is held on Thursday, and consists of Torah reading; allowing men who have never had been called to the Torah to take their rightful place as active participants in the Jewish communal life of the synagogue.

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What Unites Us

On Sunday, Sept.15th, we hosted our first family program, called, "What Unites Us, Bringing Jewish Families Together Through the Arts." We partnered on this innovative program with the JCC and RUACH, funded by a Jewish Education Innovation grant from the Coalition for Jewish Learning. Kids from a across the Jewish spectrum enjoyed doing Rosh Hashana-themed art, including clay stamping which will become part of a mosaic representing our Jewish Unity. Future sessions will be in February and May. Watch this space for details!

Rabbi Hillel Brody, Director of Community Outreach

YES Connections is directed by Rabbi Hillel Brody. Originally from Chicago, Rabbi Brody studied at the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study (WITS) before moving on to the Rabbinical Seminary of America/Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens, NY where he received his rabbinic ordination. A true lover of the Jewish People, Rabbi Brody and his wife Devorah relocated in 2005 to Vancouver, BC, Canada where he played a huge role in building the Jewish Community, teaching and connecting Jews of all stripes with his infectious enthusiasm and ever-present smile. The Brodys, parents of five and grandparents of one exceptionally adorable grandson, are thrilled to be back home in the Midwest, and look forward to building bridges throughout the Milwaukee Jewish Community.

Contact Rabbi Brody: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 224-247-8233