YES Banquet 2017 Highlights


The Annual YES Banquet was a wonderful evening of tribute to our honorees, Rabbi Dovid and Marcia Eisenbach. A crowd of more than 200 participated and were treated to the catering of Mr. Paci Elbaum and Kosher Meat Klub, as well as a beautiful program.

In the first segment of the program, Rabbi Dovid Kossowsky discussed the importance of good communication, and the steps the YES teachers are taking to grow in that area. Professor Andrea Schneider, Board Chair of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, spoke about the Federation’s pride in supporting schools like YES. A video, entitled "YES: A Pillar of the Community" (below) described the role YES has played in the growth of the Milwaukee Jewish Community. Please take a moment to watch our other video celebrating the history and achievements of YES.

Pillars of the Community...The Eisenbachs from Scott Steele on Vimeo.

After a delicious dinner, the program focused on the many wonderful traits of the Eisenbachs. Dr. Jeff Zigun, Rabbi Benzion Twerski, and Rabbi Yaakov Friedman all spoke about the chesed and love of every person that the Eisenbachs display. Rabbi Michel and Rebbitzen Feige Twerski, who were unable to participate in person, sent a special video message for the Eisenbachs. A moving video tribute to the Eisenbachs capped a wonderful evening.

Rabbi Dovid Eisenbach, honoree, with Rabbi Mendel Senderovic, Rosh Kollel of the Milwaukee Kollel

There was also a surprise presentation of a gift to Rabbi Yosef Schlussel, in appreciation of his many years of dedication as Board President.

It was a truly inspiring and beautiful evening and a chance for people to show their appreciation for YES and the Eisenbachs.

The Eisenbachs receiving a tribute gift. L-R: Mrs. Marcia Eisenbach, Rabbi Dovid Eisenbach, Rabbi Benzion Twerski, Rabbi Dovid Kossowsky, Rabbi Ayreh Borsuk, Rabbi Yosef Schlussel

Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered. Special thanks to:

  • Mr. Paci Elbaum and KMK catering for sponsoring some of the 'extras' to make the event so beautiful and tasty.
  • Four Point Sheraton Milwaukee North, for their continued gracious hospitality of our banquet.
  • The Banquet Leadership Team of Leah Aviva Broch, Linda Chernin, Dana Margolis, Rochel Robbins, and Amelia Schmidt, and the many volunteers who helped them.
  • Vendors who provided products for the evening, including Trader Joe's,, Bela Sabatina Premium Tea

Please take the time to watch this video celebrating the history and achievements of YES.