Dear YES Parents and Friends,

As many of you know, two long-term, key employees of YES will be retiring from their positions at our school at the end of this year. Mrs. Amy Joannes, our Director of General Studies, has been with us as a teacher since we opened in 1989 and in her current position as Director of General Studies since 2011. Mrs. Sandi Harrison has been our School Administrator for well over two decades. We are very grateful for their commitment to the success of our children and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Two core staff members leaving is a challenge, but it also presents a unique opportunity for us to restructure our school leadership. We have invested much time and effort in researching various leadership structures and weighing the benefits of different options. We are excited to share with you the results of this process, as we feel confident that this plan will enable us to best help our children grow and thrive.

Our School’s Leadership Team will now consist of:

  • Menahel, Rabbi Dovid Kossowsky
  • General Studies Vice Principal
  • Student Services Vice Principal
  • Director of Advancement and Administration, Rabbi Aryeh Borsuk.

The newly created position of Student Services Vice Principal will oversee all student needs, including day-to-day discipline and special services. This position will allow both Rabbi Kossowsky and the new General Studies Vice Principal to have significantly more time to invest in improving the educational experience by coaching and mentoring the teachers. Our school leadership team will have increased capacity to engage in strategic, long-term planning.

We are also making the following changes to our Business Office to enable us to increase our capacity and create a smooth transition:

  • Rabbi Aryeh Borsuk will move into an expanded role as Director of Advancement and Administration. He will continue to serve as our primary Development Officer in addition to having full oversight of the Business Office.
  • The role of School Administrator is being replaced by an Operations Manager, with some expanded responsibilities.

Job postings are available below. Please help us as we launch our search, locally and nationwide, to find highly-qualified candidates for these essential jobs by sharing this email and the job descriptions with your friends and family.

Two additional job descriptions for administrative assistants will be forthcoming. These positions will be instrumental in helping to make this plan succeed.

We look forward to these changes bringing us to a new level of educational excellence.

Rabbi Dovid Kossowsky, Menahel

Rabbi Yosef Schussel, President of the Board of Directors

Rabbi Chaim Twerski, President of the Board of Education