Our Neighborhood

 Yeshiva Elementary School’s vibrant neighborhood offers tree lined streets and affordable housing. Today most of our students live within walking distance of the school. Combined within the tapestry of neighboring Jewish institutions, YES completes the larger picture of a thriving full service Jewish community. Yeshiva Elementary School strives to create an ever wider circle of friends who will join us in our mission.

Recognizing the importance of community participation, YES encourages school visits by community dignitaries and professionals who volunteer their time with our students. YES children routinely visit Ovation Communities (formerly the Jewish Home and Care Center), spreading good cheer and developing wonderful friendships. Partnerships with community organizations help to provide financial resources so no child in the community is turned away.

Yeshiva Elementary School is a constituent agency of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. We are very grateful to the Milwaukee Jewish Federation for their support.

To find out more about the greater YES community in Milwaukee, please contact Mrs. Dana Margolis at danamargolis613[@]gmail.com.