Our Curriculum

Judaic Studies - Limudei Kodesh

Yeshiva Elementary School's highly trained teaching staff of Rabbeim and Moros follows a detailed curriculum in which each grade reviews, strengthens and builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous grade.

The teachers are currently developing evaluation tools to ensure that our students are reaching the benchmarks of each year’s curriculum.

We have a warm and caring environment where students feel safe and secure, which encourages and teaches proper character traits and ethical conduct. Our staff caters to the unique needs and abilities of individual students by using centers or flexible grouping, allowing for a more individualized learning environment. YES uses technology, story-telling and music to enhance the learning environment.

Our curriculum has been designed to provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in high school and beyond. YES graduates continue on to Jewish High Schools and are fully prepared with superior skills.


General Studies - Limudei Chol

Rich in content and preparing for the future, Yeshiva Elementary School’s curriculum is rooted in national and state standards. Our accredited staff works diligently to prepare differentiated lessons for our students.

Using data to drive our instruction, YES is now utilizing the MAP tests (Measures of Academic Progress) to pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses. In our state-of- the-art lab, students work on reading and mathematical tasks that help students set personal goals for their own individual growth. Teachers have access to libraries of learning that train them in data usage. Our staff is well-versed in formative assessment and our community of learners benefit from their expertise. With the help of our staff, our students learn much more than how well they did, they learn how to be their best. Come and see all that YES has to offer.


Kesser Program

Kesser is Yeshiva Elementary School’s special education program, a comprehensive educational program designed to meet the needs of the individual within the context of the YES community. 

The Kesser program works with children with special needs as well as those with special aptitudes.  The care and dedication with which YES educates these children are the ultimate reflection of the approach YES takes towards meeting the needs of all of its children.