Our Administration

Rabbi Dovid Kossowsky - Principal

When people ask me what is so special about Yeshiva Elementary School I always answer, "It's the people." From the top down, all of the people are a pleasure to work with, and they are an inspiration to me.

Our Board members dedicate their time and efforts to direct the school, to raise money, and to maintain the school, making sure we are offering the highest level of education possible to our students.  It is truly inspiring to work with people who are so selfless and dedicated.

Our educational staff truly feels it is their life's calling to educate the next generation. They are talented and gifted in reaching all of our students, each child in his or her own way.  On any given day, many of them can be found in the school building from early in the morning until late at night, not to mention the time spent at home preparing for classes.  For these dedicated people, it's not just a job - it's a life's calling.

Our administrative staff and secretaries are second to none.  They are available twenty-four hours a day, and are willing to do whatever it takes to help keep our school running smoothly and efficiently, often without any recognition.

Our parents add so much to the educational and emotional success of the children.  Parents and grandparents can often be found in our classrooms throughout the day reading to the children, bringing food for a party or supplies for an activity.

But most of all, it's the students. From the smiling faces in kindergarten to the sincerity of our eighth graders, YES is all about the children.

YES is a school that welcomes its parent body with open arms.  We feel it's very important for teachers and parents to collaborate together to map out the most successful plan for their children.  Together we are able to work toward our goal of raising each generation that comes through our doors to be successful academically, emotionally, and spiritually in their service of Hashem.  We strive to help every individual reach his or her potential and to understand their importance as a child of the Almighty.

Mrs. Amy Joannes - Director of General Studies

25 Years Of…

Growth: We started 26 years ago with few texts, no classroom bells or even a copier. Each year the dedicated parents and friends of the Yeshiva Elementary School community have focused on growth for the sake of student achievement. Over the years, I have seen many wonderful changes. We now enjoy a Speech and Language Program, a Creative Learning Center that helps meet the needs of children of differing abilities, an award-winning addition that is bright and welcoming, and an indoor tot lot. This year we are adding a state of the art computer lab to learn computer skills and use data from MAP testing and Smarter Balanced testing to drive individualized instruction.

A Unified Mission: Yeshiva Elementary School remains clear on its mission to provide each student with an excellent Judaic and secular studies education. To foster a love for and pride in Judaism, while encouraging responsibility to the global community, and to prepare our students to attend the most appropriate high schools and yeshivas. YES is a community of learners who live the mission of a strong, dual curriculum in and out of school hours.

Student Achievement: YES is accredited by the The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement – a division of AdvanceED, and has participated in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program since the program’s inception. Consistently at the top of the list for most advanced and proficient students, our school’s strength is its striving for improvement. We have adopted the Common Core State Standards and use those as the basis for our school wide goals. Teachers work collaboratively to analyze data, create formative assessment, and brainstorm strategies to help students.

The best part of all of these programs is how all of these parts work together. Yeshiva Elementary School is a community of learners from the principals to the kindergartners. Each and every day teachers and principals collaborate to reach all learners.

Rabbi Aryeh Borsuk - Director of Development and Advancement

 I was there. When Yeshiva Elementary School was launched in 1989, I was one of the original 63 students. From my early days as a kindergarten student through my eighth grade graduation, YES prepared me with the Jewish knowledge and general education to succeed in high school, college and beyond.

When an opportunity came my way to move back to Milwaukee and become the Director of Development and Advancement, the idea of working to keep YES strong and successful resonated very deeply with me. My parents and many of their friends invested a tremendous amount of time and energy to create YES. I am honored to continue all of that work, and make sure YES is a school that will be an attraction for our children, and for generations to come.

The YES I came back to is much the same as the YES I graduated from: a happy school, with incredible warmth. Although we have grown from the 120 students I remember to well over 200 students, the members of our talented and dedicated staff still maintain the feeling that we are a tight-knit family. And  the quality of the education is still very strong, on both Judaic and the general studies. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our school and feel the warmth and the unity of our family, I invite you to come and see it. Please contact me at 414-871-9376 extension 107 to schedule a tour.